Press Releases


05-25-2023 Therapeutic Solutions International Launches Subsidiary Company to Commercialize Clinical Data and IND for Treatment of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) with JadiCell Universal Adult Stem Cells
05-22-2023 Therapeutic Solutions International Spin-Off Res Nova Bio Leverages FDA Cleared Tumor Blood Vessel Targeting Technology to Intravenously Deliver Cancer Killing Viruses
05-15-2023 Therapeutic Solutions International Spin-Off Res Nova Bio Partners with Cure Stat Rx to Manufacture First in Class Breast Cancer Immunotherapy Product FloraStilbene™
05-01-2023 Therapeutic Solutions International Launches VasoSome Vascular Inc Based on Successful Treatment of Aortic Aneurysms using Patent Pending Exosome Therapy
04-20-2023 Therapeutic Solutions International Files to Initiate Phase III Clinical Trial for Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) Leveraging Positive COVID-19 Data with JadiCell Stem Cell Therapy
04-03-2023 Therapeutic Solutions International Spin Off Campbell Neurosciences Announces Novel Mechanistic Data on CampbellCell Stem Cell Therapy for Schizophrenia
03-27-2023 Biotechnology Veteran Dr. Thomas Ichim to Lead Suicide Prediction Company Campbell Neurosciences, Inc.
03-20-2023 Therapeutic Solutions International Spin Off Campbell Neurosciences Creates Saliva Based Test for Suicidal Ideations
03-13-2023 Therapeutic Solutions International Advances Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Program by Identifying Novel B Regulatory Cell Mechanism of Action for JadiCell Universal Donor Adult Stem Cell
03-06-2023 Therapeutic Solutions International Announces Plans to Initiate Breast Cancer Clinical Trial Using FloraStilbene™ Immune Stimulator Through Res Nova Bio Subsidiary
02-21-2023 Therapeutic Solutions International Launches Veltmeyer Institute for Advanced Biologics 
02-14-2023 Res Nova Bio Leverages Immunological Similarities between Abortion Pill and Cancer Remission to Create Novel Immunotherapy
01-30-2023 Therapeutic Solutions International Spin Off Res Nova Bio Announces Recruitment of President and Chief Executive Officer
01-23-2023 Therapeutic Solutions International Spin-Off Campbell Neurosciences Provides Progress Update in Quest for Addressing Suicide as a Medical Condition
01-09-2023 Therapeutic Solutions International Identifies Novel Cellular Marker Associated with Therapeutic Response to JadiCell Stem Cell Treatment
01-04-2023 Therapeutic Solutions International Announces Antigen Specific Blockade of Pathological Immune Response in Multiple Sclerosis Model Using “Tattoo Gun” Immunization
12-05-22 Therapeutic Solutions International Announces Improvements in Autism, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and Schizophrenia Cases Treated by Veltmeyer Institute for Advanced Therapeutics
11-28-22 Therapeutic Solutions International Granted Broad Patent on Treatment of Neurodegenerative Conditions
11-14-22 Therapeutic Solutions Announces Universal Donor Myeloid Derived Suppressor Therapy Platform for Treatment of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
11-09-22 Therapeutic Solutions International Launches Spin-Off Breathe Biologics Aimed at Curing Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
11-07-22 Therapeutic Solutions International Spin-Off Res Nova Bio Collaborates with Veltmeyer MD Inc. to Provide Breast Cancer Patients Access to Novel Cancer Immunotherapy 
10-24-22 Therapeutic Solutions International Announces Successful Treatment of Epilepsy in Animal Model and Complete Cessation of Seizures in Treatment Resistant Patient 
10-10-22 Therapeutic Solutions International Granted Landmark United States Patent on Ability of QuadraMune® Nutraceutical to Repair Injured Brains
10-03-22 Therapeutic Solutions International Identifies CD103 Expressing Dendritic Cells and Exosomes Thereof as Novel Mechanism for JadiCell Mesenchymal Stem Cell Mediated Lung Protection
09-20-22 Therapeutic Solutions International Secures Financing to Complete Current Phase III Stem Cell Clinical Trial
09-19-22 Therapeutic Solutions International Spin-Off Company Campbell Neurosciences Announces Successful Preclinical Studies of CampbellCell for Treatment of Bipolar Disorder
Therapeutic Solutions International Develops Post JadiCell Maintenance Therapy for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
08-29-22 Therapeutic Solutions International Develops Gene Silencing Therapy for Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome
08-25-22 Therapeutic Solutions International Files with FDA to Expand ongoing Phase III Clinical Trial to Include All Causes of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome
08-12-22 Therapeutic Solutions International Reports Superior Efficacy of ApoptoCyte™ on Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Model Compared to Conventional Stem Cell Approaches
07-28-22 Therapeutic Solutions International Creates Disease Specific Therapeutic Platform Based on Gene Editing/Engineering of Inducible Pluripotent Stem Cells
07-18-22 Therapeutic Solutions International Granted Emergency IND by FDA for Expanded Patient Access to JadiCell™ Universal Donor Stem Cell for COVID-19 ARDS Outside of Ongoing Phase III Clinical Trial
05-27-22 John Hopkin’s University Publishes Efficacy of QuadraMune™ Ingredient Sulforaphane at Inhibiting Coronavirus in Laboratory Studies
Former Head of Novartis Respiratory and Allergy Medicine to Advise Clinical Stage Stem Cell Company on COVID-19 and COPD Programs
Therapeutic Solutions International Receives IND Number 28508 for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Clinical Trial and Enters Binding Discussions with FDA for Initiation of Phase I/II Clinical Trial
Phase III Lung Adult Stem Cell Company Announces and Files Patent on Leukine-Induced Myeloid Derived Suppressor Cells and JadiCell™ for Treatment of COPD
Therapeutic Solutions International Files Investigational New Drug Application for Treatment of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Using JadiCell™ Universal Donor Adult Stem Cells
Therapeutic Solutions International Announces Launching of Phase III Clinical Trial for Treating COVID-19 Lung Damage Using its JadiCell™ Universal Donor Stem Cell Drug
Therapeutic Solutions International Identifies Novel Biological Pathway Utilized by its Phase III Adult Stem Cell Product JadiCell™ to Stimulate Healing of Injured Lung Tissue
Therapeutic Solutions International Selects Premier Regenerative Medicine CRO Biorasi to Initiate and Run Phase III FDA Registration Clinical Trial for JadiCell™ Universal Donor Adult Stem Cell Product
Therapeutic Solutions International Completes Purchase of FDA Phase III JadiCell Stem Cell Investigational New Drug Application from University of Miami
03-10-22 Therapeutic Solutions International Granted Second United States Patent on QuadraMune® for Prevention, Inhibition, and Treatment of COVID-19
03-07-22 Therapeutic Solutions International Announces ApoptoCyte Procedure for Enhancing Stem Cell Activity
Therapeutic Solutions International Spin-Off Campbell Neurosciences Announces Positive Preclinical Safety and Efficacy Data Using CampbellCell™ for Treatment of Schizophrenia
Therapeutic Solutions International Announces Reduction of COVID-19 Associated Cognitive Decline by QuadraMune® Nutraceutical in Animal Model
01-03-22 Therapeutic Solutions International Reports Positive Clinical Data on QuadraMune® Reduction of SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein Induced Inflammation
12-30-21 Therapeutic Solutions International Successfully Treats “No Option” Patients with its JadiCell™ Stem Cell Therapy While Advancing Preparations for Phase III COVID-19 Clinical Trial 
Therapeutic Solutions International Awarded Landmark Patent for Cancer and COVID-19 Treatment
11-29-21 Therapeutic Solutions International Update on Navy SEAL Treated with JadiCells for Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy
11-01-21 Therapeutic Solutions International Develops and Files Patent on Novel Therapeutic Candidate TSOI-576
10-18-21 Therapeutic Solutions International Announces Formation of Allogen Biologics Inc.
10-11-21 Therapeutic Solutions International Announces Initiation of JadiCell™ Manufacturing Program to Address Upcoming FDA Phase III Trial and Emergency Use Requests
10-04-21 Therapeutic Solutions International Utilizes Mesenchymal Stem Cell Exosomes to Effectively Suppress Neutrophil Extracellular Trap Production
09-27-21 Therapeutic Solutions International Discusses Claims of Possible COVID-19 Suppressive Activity of QuadraMune™ Ingredients by Independent Universities Made After Patent Filing
09-22-21 Therapeutic Solutions International Discovers and Files Patent on Novel Cellular Therapy Combination for Augmentation of Lung Repair in COVID-19 Model
09-16-21 Therapeutic Solutions International Identifies and Files Patent on Combination Effects Between its Nutraceutical QuadraMune™ and Ivermectin in Animal Models of COVID-19 Pathology
09-13-21 Therapeutic Solutions International Successfully Treats Veteran Navy SEAL Suffering from Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy with JadiCell™ Adult Stem Cells Under Right to Try Law
09-10-21 Therapeutic Solutions International Engages Venvalo Group to Oversee JadiCell COVID-19 Phase III Clinical Trial and Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) Process
09-07-21 Therapeutic Solutions International Signs Memorandum of Understanding with Clinical Stage Immunotherapy Company Eutilogics, Inc. to Explore Augmentation of Synergies between StemVacs-V and TAST
08-30-21 Therapeutic Solutions International Files Investigational New Drug Application with FDA for Cancer Blood Vessel Targeting Immunotherapy StemVacs-V to Treat Metastatic Breast Cancer
08-26-21 Therapeutic Solutions International Recruits Internationally Renowned Stem Cell Pioneer Francisco Silva to Scientific Advisory Board
08-23-21 Therapeutic Solutions International Announces Positive Preclinical Results Using JadiCells™ in Animal Model of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Failure (COPD)
08-20-21 Therapeutic Solutions International Announces Titan of Industry Dr. Peter Farrell Joins Advisory Board of its Suicide Prevention Spin-Off Campbell Neurosciences
08-19-21 Therapeutic Solutions International Recruits Pharmaceutical Industry Veteran Dr. Boris Reznik to Accelerate Value Optimization of FDA Cleared Phase III COVID JadiCell™ Clinical Trial
08-18-21 Therapeutic Solutions International Identifies and Files Patent on Novel Mechanism of Action of Its FDA Phase III Cleared JadiCell™ Treatment of COVID-19 and Delta Variant
08-16-21 Therapeutic Solutions International Prepares to Apply for Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for its FDA Phase III COVID-19 Stem Cell Therapy JadiCell
08-11-21 Therapeutic Solutions International Reports Superior Neurogenesis Induction in Animal Model of Viral Induced Cognitive Dysfunction Compared to other Stem Cell Types
08-09-21 Therapeutic Solutions International Completes FDA Requested Studies to Initiate JadiCell™ Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) Clinical Trial
08-05-21 Therapeutic Solutions International Receives FDA Clearance to Initiate Phase III Pivotal Registration Trial for JadiCell™ Universal Donor COVID-19 Therapy
07-27-21 Therapeutic Solutions International Reports Preclinical Efficacy of JadiCell Umbilical Cord Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Animal Model Resembling COVID-19 Delta Variant Associated Lung Pathology
07-08-21 Therapeutic Solutions International Spin-Off Campbell Neurosciences Explains Why Suicide is a Disease and How to Predict it in Newly Released Video
07-06-21 Therapeutic Solutions International Patents Modified StemVacs Dendritic Cell Immunotherapy to Suppress Parkinson’s Disease in Animal Model
07-02-21 Therapeutic Solutions International Spin-Off Campbell Neurosciences Initiates Pilot Implementation of Campbell Score™ with California Concierge Medical & Wellness Inc.
06-30-21 Therapeutic Solutions International Demonstrates Potent Brain Protective Activity of JadiCells in Animal Model of Post-Covid-19 Neurological Damage
06-16-21 Campbell Neurosciences Spin Off of Therapeutic Solutions Reports Synergistic Reduction of Schizophrenia in Animal Models using Low Dose Naltrexone and T Regulatory Cell Stimulation
06-10-21 Therapeutic Solutions International Spinoff Campbell Neurosciences Reports Reduction of Schizophrenia Activity in Mice Subsequent to Administration of Tolerogenic Dendritic Cells
06-07-21 Therapeutic Solutions International Reports Amplification of Cancer Specific Immune Responses Using Second Generation Tumor Endothelial Targeting Vaccine StemVacs-V iPSC
06-02-21 Therapeutic Solutions International Subsidiary Campbell Neurosciences Identifies T Regulatory Cells as a Mechanism of Stem Cell Suppression of Schizophrenia Pathology in an Animal Model
05-24-21 Therapeutic Solutions International Optimizes Targeting the “Achilles Heel” of Cancer Using Second Generation Tumor Endothelial Targeting Vaccine StemVacs-V iPSC
05-21-21 Therapeutic Solutions International Develops Novel Stem Cell Based Therapy to Reduce Lung Scarring: Potential Solution to Post COVID-19 Lung Deterioration
05-17-21 Therapeutic Solutions International and Campbell Neurosciences Announce Preclinical Studies Showing Low Doses of FDA Cleared Immune Stimulant Interleukin-2 Reduces Inflammation Associated Depression in Animal Model
05-10-21 Therapeutic Solutions International Subsidiary Campbell Neurosciences Reports Positive Preclinical Data in Animal Model of Schizophrenia Using Proprietary Universal Donor Mesenchymal Stem Cell
04-30-21 Therapeutic Solutions International Comes to Agreement with FDA on Clinical Trial Design for First Stem Cell Clinical Trial in Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) Patients
04-19-21  Therapeutic Solutions International Spin-Off Campbell Neurosciences Identifies Mechanism of Action for Umbilical Cord Blood Derived NarcoStem™ Drug Rehabilitation Product
04-13-21 Therapeutic Solutions International with Subsidiary Campbell Neurosciences Develops Cord Blood Based Inhalable Product for Opioid Addiction
04-05-21 Therapeutic Solutions International Spin-Off Campbell Neurosciences Demonstrates Efficacy of Kaihani Score in Prediction of Gambling Addiction
03-29-21 Therapeutic Solutions International Demonstrates Potent and Selective Destruction of Tumor Blood Vessels by Leveraging Pre-Existing Natural Anti-Xenogeneic Antibodies
03-23-21 Therapeutic Solutions International Creates Hybrid Cell Designed to Educate Immune System to Choke Cancer Blood Vessels
03-22-21 Therapeutic Solutions International Announces Immunological Mechanism of Action of StemVacs-V™ iPSC Derived Cancer Immunotherapeutic
03-16-21 Therapeutic Solutions International Announces Novel Cancer-Resistant iPSC-Derived Dendritic Cell Immunotherapy: StemVacs-V™
03-08-21 Therapeutic Solutions International Reports Reduction of Tumor Blood Vessels in Mouse Melanoma Model Treated with StemVacs
03-04-21 Therapeutic Solutions International Spin-off Campbell Neurosciences Announces Umbilical Cord Derived Monocyte Immunotherapy Candidate for Suicide Prevention
03-03-21 Therapeutic Solutions International Approved on RangeMe to sell QuadraMune™ and NanoStilbene™ along with other supplements
02-26-21 Therapeutic Solutions International Approved by Amazon to sell its highly regarded immune supplement QuadraMune™ along with other brands.
02-25-21 Therapeutic Solutions International Spin-Off Campbell Neurosciences Demonstrates Preliminary Efficacy of First Blood-Based Test for Gambling Addiction: Kaihani Score™
02-22-21 Therapeutic Solutions International Uses StemVacs™ Platform to Generate Personalized Adoptive T Cell Therapy Targeting Cancer Stem Cells
02-16-21 Therapeutic Solutions International Appoints Internationally Renowned Tumor Immunologist Dr. Boris Minev to its Scientific Advisory Board
02-10-21 Therapeutic Solutions International Acquires Stem Cell Therapy That Successfully Completed FDA Double Blind Placebo Controlled Efficacy Study for Lung Disease
02-08-21 Therapeutic Solutions International Reports Preliminary Data Suggesting StemVacs Induces Natural Killer Memory to Cancer
02-04-21 Therapeutic Solutions International Enters into Master Sales Agreement with Community Shield LLC
02-01-21 Therapeutic Solutions International Reports Therapeutic Efficacy of StemVacs Derived Exosomes in Regression of Glioma
01-26-21 Therapeutic Solutions International Reports Enhancement of StemVacs Immune Stimulating Activity Using Neuromodulatory Compound Homotaurine
01-19-21 Therapeutic Solutions International Reports Successful Treatment of Breast Cancer using StemVacs™ Cellular Immunotherapy
01-13-21 Therapeutic Solutions International Announces Positive Early Clinical Data from Ongoing Suicidal Ideation Blood Biomarker Clinical Trial with Spinoff Campbell Neurosciences
01-05-21 Therapeutic Solutions International Reports QuadraMune™ Administration Enhances T Cytotoxic Responses in Mouse Model of Adaptive Immunity
12-31-20 Therapeutic Solutions International Launches Campbell Neurosciences Inc as First Suicide Focused Regenerative Psychiatry Biotechnology Company
12-21-20 Therapeutic Solutions International Files Patent on NeuroLeukin™ Personalized Immunotherapy for Opioid Addiction
12-17-20 Therapeutic Solutions International Files Investigational New Drug Application (IND) with FDA for Treatment of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy Using Clinically Validated JadiCell® Universal Donor Stem Cell
12-16-20 Therapeutic Solutions International Signs Letter of Intent with Premier Adipose Stem Cell Company Synova Life Sciences to File IND for Suicide Prevention
12-09-20 Therapeutic Solutions International Division of Campbell Neurosciences Files Patent on QuadraMune™ for Treatment of Major Depressive Disorder
12-02-20 Therapeutic Solutions International Announces Clinical Trial Assessing “Kaihani Score” Proprietary Biomarker Based Assay for Quantifying Gambling Addiction
12-01-20 Therapeutic Solutions International Announces Positive QuadraMune™ Clinical Trial Data
11-24-20 QuadraMune™ Synergizes with Metformin to Stimulate Anti-Viral Defenses in Pilot Clinical Trial
11-10-20 Therapeutic Solutions International Reports Augmentation of Immunotherapy Efficacy in Breast Cancer Model Utilizing Patented NanoStilbene™ Nutraceutical Products
10-29-20 Therapeutic Solutions International Launches Clinical Trial to Validate First Blood Based Predicator of Suicidal Ideation: The Campbell Score™
10-28-20 JadiCell™ Stem Cells Licensed by Therapeutic Solutions International for Brain Injury Significantly Increased Survival of COVID-19 Patients in Double Blind FDA Clinical Trial
10-27-20 Therapeutic Solutions International Identifies New Mechanism of Mesenchymal Stem Cell Treatment of Brain Injury
10-27-20 Therapeutic Solutions International Reports Positive Preclinical Data on Multiple Sclerosis using NanoStilbene™
10-12-20 Therapeutic Solutions International Appoints Serena Robella as Director of Sales
10-05-20 Therapeutic Solutions International announced today appointment of J Christopher Mizer to the Advisory Board of its Campbell Neurosciences Division
09-28-20 Therapeutic Solutions International Reports Positive Preclinical Data on JadiCell™ Universal Donor Stem Cell Therapy for Brain Injury 
09-24-20 Therapeutic Solutions International Announces Proof of Concept Data and Patent Filing for Neuroleukin™: The First Immune Based Suicide Prevention Biological Therapy
09-14-20 Therapeutic Solutions International Files Comprehensive Campbell Platform™ Patent for Stem Cell Immunotherapy of Schizophrenia
08-28-20 Therapeutic Solutions International Reports Synergistic Suppression of Suicide-Associated Neuroinflammatory Pathway by QuadraMune™ and Minocycline
08-21-20 Therapeutic Solutions International Files Patent on Campbell Score™: The First Quantitative Tool for Assessment of Suicidal Propensity based on Immunological Markers
08-11-20 Therapeutic Solutions International Launches Campbell Neurosciences Division aimed at Biologically Identifying and Repairing Suicide-Prone Brains
07-28-20 Therapeutic Solutions International Files Patent on Ability of QuadraMune Ingredient Pterostilbene to Reduce Inflammation while Stimulating Brain Protective Biological Pathways
07-23-20 Therapeutic Solutions International Reports Unexpected Findings of Synergy between QuadraMune™ and Diabetes Drug Metformin in Animal Models of COVID-19 Lung Damage
07-13-20 Therapeutic Solutions International Reports QuadraMune™ Inhibits Inflammation Induced Blood Clotting: Possible Implication for Ongoing Covid-19 Prevention Clinical Trial?
07-07-20 Therapeutic Solutions International Submits Publication on StemVacs™ Preclinical Data Supporting COVID-19 Indication
06-30-20 Therapeutic Solutions International Universal Donor Immunotherapy StemVacs™ Activates Antiviral Immune Cells While Protecting Lungs From “Cytokine Storm” 
06-22-20 Therapeutic Solutions International Announces Intention to Use Clinical Stage NK Activating Cancer Immunotherapy for COVID-19
06-15-20 Therapeutic Solutions International Reports Reduction of Brain Inflammation/Depression Associated Biochemical Pathway Using QuadraMune™ in Animal Studies
06-11-20 Therapeutic Solutions International Reports QuadraMune Reduces Myeloid Suppressor Cells in 4T1 Mouse Model of Breast Cancer
06-08-20 Therapeutic Solutions International Initiates 500 Volunteer COVID-19 Prevention Clinical Trial Using QuadraMune™
06-04-20 Therapeutic Solutions International Announces Positive Preclinical and Clinical Evaluation of Nutritional Supplement QuadraMune™, Designed to Protect Against COVID-19
06-01-20 San Diego Top Doctor Collaborates with Therapeutic Solutions International to Report QuadraMune™ Immune Boosting Data in Clinical Trial 
05-12-20 San Diego “Top Doctor” James Veltmeyer Collaborates With Therapeutic Solutions International in Cord Blood Based Immunotherapy for COVID-19 Damaged Lungs
05-05-20 Therapeutic Solutions International Leverages Filed and Issued Intellectual Property to Develop COVID-19 Nutraceutical Candidate: QuadraMune™
01-21-20 Therapeutic Solutions International Enters into Multi-Million Dollar Master Sales Agreement with Publicly Traded iBrands Corporation
01-08-20 Therapeutic Solutions International Reports Inhibition of Microglial Activation with NeuroStilbene
12-23-19 Therapeutic Solutions International Enters Into Multi-million Dollar Master Sales Agreement With WCTE, Inc. 
12-16-19 Therapeutic Solutions International Signs Letter of Intent to License Adult Stem Cell Therapy for Treatment of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy to WCTE, Inc., a Wes Chandler Company
12-12-19 Therapeutic Solutions International Enters Into Multi-million Dollar Master Sales Agreement With Tiva Bio
11-11-19 Therapeutics Solutions International Signs Agreement With Beijing Regenesis Biotechnology to License and Develop Patent for Anti-aging Use of Cord Blood Plasma and NanoStilbene
11-04-19 Therapeutic Solutions International Reports Augmentation of Rejuvenating Activity of Cord Blood Plasma by Pterostilbene
09-09-19 Therapeutic Solutions International Reports NanoStilbene™ Protects the Immune System from Cancer Chemotherapy
09-03-19 Feng Lin, MD, Ph.D., Joins Therapeutic Solutions International as Chief Scientific Officer
08-26-19 Therapeutic Solutions International Announces Positive Clinical Data Using NanoStilbene™ to Stimulate Immune System in Advanced Cancer Patient
Therapeutic Solutions International Collaborates with Right to Try Foundation on Novel Means of Protecting Patients While Hyper-accelerating Drug Development
07-29-19 NanoStilbene™ Nutraceutical Shown to Increase Ability of Cyclophosphamide Chemotherapy to Suppress Cancer
07-22-19 Therapeutic Solutions International Reports its NanoStilbene™ Nutraceutical Product Enhances Efficacy of FDA Cleared Cancer Immunotherapy in Animal Model of Cancer
 07-15-19 Therapeutic Solutions International adds Nano Cannabidiol to NanoMyros for Inhibition of Microvesicle and Exosome Release in Prostate Cancer
07-11-19 Therapeutic Solutions International Develops Adjuvant Technology to Enhance Prostate Cancer Suppressing Properties of NanoPSA
07-08-19 Therapeutic Solutions International Develops Glucoraphanin + NanoStilbene Encapsulated product for reduction of Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA)
07-01-19 Therapeutic Solutions International Obtains Exclusive License for Patented Clinical Stage Adult Stem Cell for Treatment of Military and Sports Brain Injuries
02-19-19 Therapeutic Solutions International Continues to Refine NanoStilbene™ Formulation
01-22-19 Therapeutic Solutions International Continues to Expand Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy Intellectual Property Portfolio
01-14-19 NanoStilbene Enhances Anticancer Immunity in Cancer Patients through Modulation of Inflammatory Mediators
01-09-19 Therapeutic Solutions International Continues to Expand Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy Intellectual Property Portfolio
12-10-18 Therapeutic Solutions International Signs Agreement for Licensing JadiCell’s Universal Donor Adult Stem Cell Product for Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy and Traumatic Brain Injury
12-06-18 Therapeutic Solutions International Expands Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy Intellectual Property Portfolio
10-25-18 Therapeutic Solutions International Announces CTE Optimized NeuroStilbene Formulation
09-25-18 Therapeutic Solutions International Files Patent on Clinical Data Demonstrating Reduction of Inflammatory Cytokines Using NanoStilbene™
09-19-18 Therapeutic Solutions International Collaborates with Internationally Renowned Neurologist and NFL Charger Hall of Famer to Develop New Intellectual Property for Treatment of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy
09-04-18 Therapeutic Solutions International Completes Phase 1 Clinical Trial in Advanced Cancer Patients for Right to Try Access of its StemVacs Product for American Cancer Patients
08-22-18  Therapeutic Solutions International Recruits NFL Chargers Hall of Famer Wes Chandler to Lead NeuroStilbene for Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy in Football Player
08-13-18 TSOI Reports Synergistic Enhancement of Ozone Therapy Efficacy in Prostate, Breast and Ovarian Cancer Cells by Pterostilbene
08-06-18 Therapeutic Solutions International Develops Microemulsion Formulation of Alpha Lipoic Acid for Intranasal Deliver
07-23-18 Therapeutic Solutions International Recruits Internationally Recognized Cancer Immunotherapy Pioneer Dr. Francesco Marincola to Accelerate StemVacs and NanoStilbene Clinical Development
07-16-18 Therapeutic Solutions International, Inc., Releases Intranasal Formulation of Pterostilbene for Rapid Access to Blood-Brain Barrier
07-09-18 Therapeutic Solutions International, Inc., Appoints Juergen Winkler, MD, ABIHM to Scientific Advisory Board
07-02-18 Therapeutic Solutions International Announces Clinical Proof of Concept of Nanoparticle Pterostilbene Formulation: NanoStilbene™
06-25-18 Therapeutic Solutions International Releases “IsoStilbene” Injectable Formulation of Pterostilbene Under Granted Patent for Augmentation of Immunotherapy and Targeting of Cancer Stem Cells
06-18-18 Therapeutic Solutions International Announces the Appointment of James Veltmeyer, MD as Chief Medical Officer
06-11-18 Therapeutic Solutions International Expands Adoptive Immunotherapy Portfolio by Incorporation of “Universal Cancer Antigen” into StemVacs Dendritic Cell Platform
06-06-18 Therapeutic Solutions International Announces Licensing of Additional Technologies to Pan American Cancer Treatment Center
05-31-18 Therapeutic Solutions International to Provide Patients Access to StemVacs Cancer Immunotherapy through Newly Passed Right to Try Law
05-21-18 Therapeutic Solutions International Releases “DermalStilbene” a Topical Formulation of Pterostilbene
05-15-18 Therapeutic Solutions International, Inc., to Initiate Clinical Trial of Patented Cancer Immunotherapy Adjuvant NanoStilbene
05-09-18 Therapeutic Solutions International, Inc., Announces the Appointment of Nassir Azimi, MD, to Science Board
05-01-18 Therapeutic Solutions International Launches Multi-Protocol Cancer Immunotherapy Clinical Trial with Pan Am Cancer Treatment Centers
03-05-18 Therapeutic Solutions International Develops “NanoStilbene” Nanoparticle Formulation of Pterostilbene
02-27-18 Therapeutic Solutions International, Inc. Recruits Top Doctor of San Diego to Scientific Advisory Board
11-17-17 Therapeutic Solutions International, Inc. strengthens the TSOI Scientific Advisory Board with the Appointment of Pablo A. Guzman, MD
11-16-17 Therapeutic Solutions International, Inc. files new patent for the Synergistic Inhibition of Glioma Using Pterostilbene