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Therapeutic Solutions International Announces Novel Cancer-Resistant iPSC-Derived Dendritic Cell Immunotherapy: StemVacs-V™

Company Generates Stem Cell Derived Cancer “Super-Killers” by Combining Inducible Pluripotent Stem Cell Technology with Gene Silencing and NIH Discovered Universal Tumor Antigen 

Source: Therapeutic Solutions International, Inc.


ELK CITY, Idaho, March 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Therapeutic Solutions International, Inc., (OTC Markets: TSOI), announced today filing of a patent and new data covering what the Company believes to be the first gene-modified, stem cell derived, universal donor dendritic cell cancer immunotherapy. 

The novel product, StemVacs-V™, is derived from a gene-modified stem cell which is designed to express proteins found selectively in cancer such as the antigen Brother of the Regulatory of Imprinted Sites (BORIS).  Additionally, the stem cell is gene silenced for receptors which cancer generally uses to block immune cell activation.  Once the stem cells are made into dendritic cells, the resulting product is an immunotherapy that: 1) Activates the immune system to selectively kill cancer, without toxicity; and 2) Is resistant to cancer-induced immune suppressive activities; and 3) Can be generated in an economical, reproducible, and consistent manner. 

“Today’s discovery allows us to take everything we learned through our StemVacs™ dendritic cell cancer immunotherapy program and apply it to a radically new and powerful way of treating cancer,” said Dr. James Veltmeyer, Chief Medical Officer of the Company and Top Doctor of San Diego and co-inventor of the patent. “By growing dendritic cells from inducible pluripotent stem cells, we are taking advantage of the consistency that is only possible through pluripotent stem cells. By modifying the stem cells so that the resulting dendritic cells are resistant to cancer-secreted immune suppressive molecules, we are creating a novel approach to immunotherapy that to my knowledge has not been attempted outside our team.”

The Company previously treated 10 cancer patients using StemVacs dendritic cells and demonstrating augmentation of natural killer cell activity1. The Company now aims to clinically develop StemVacs-V™, which is an iPSC-derived dendritic cell that is specifically engineered to attack cancer.  The BORIS antigen, which was utilized by the Company in preclinical studies has been demonstrated by scientists at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), together with Company Board Member, Dr. Thomas Ichim, to function as a “universal cancer vaccine2,3.”

“iPSC-based NK-cell and T-cell immunotherapies are at the forefront of innovation in one of science’s most cutting-edge and well-funded fields.  This explains why we are seeing near and above billion-dollar valuations for companies in this space that are in late preclinical/early clinical stages of development,” said Famela Ramos, the Company’s Vice President of Business Development and co-inventor of the patent. “We believe that by targeting dendritic cells, which are known to be upstream and controllers of T cells and NK cells, we have a significantly better chance of success.”

The data disclosed in the filed patent application demonstrate that dendritic cells generated from iPSC cells expressing the BORIS antigen can induce regression of B16 melanoma, and that when the dendritic cells were generated from iPSC cells gene silenced for VEGF-receptor, a significantly stronger anti-tumor response was observed.

“Having pioneering leaders of cancer immunotherapy such as Drs. Francesco Marincola and Santosh Kesari provides incredible inspiration for our development of such “next generation” therapies such as StemVacs-V™,” stated Timothy Dixon, President and CEO of the Company and co-inventor of the patent. “The StemVacs-V platform is amenable not only to the BORIS antigen and VEGF-R gene silencing.  We are in the process of testing various combination products as we ramp up this technology from preclinical and eventual clinical trials.”

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1 Therapeutic Solutions International Completes Phase 1 Clinical Trial in Advanced Cancer Patients for Right to Try Access of its StemVacs Product for American Cancer Patients

2 DNA, but not protein vaccine based on mutated BORIS antigen significantly inhibits tumor growth and prolongs the survival of mice

3 Elicitation of T Cell Responses to Histologically Unrelated Tumors by Immunization with the Novel Cancer-Testis Antigen, Brother of the Regulator of Imprinted Sites