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Therapeutic Solutions International Spin Off Res Nova Bio Announces Recruitment of President and Chief Executive Officer

Breast Cancer Angiogenesis Targeting Immunotherapy Company Aims for a Cure without Toxicity of Conventional Therapies

January 30, 2023 09:00 AM Eastern Standard Time
ELK CITY, Idaho–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Therapeutic Solutions International (TSOI) announced today the recruitment of Ms. Famela Ramos as Chief Executive Officer of Res Nova Bio, Inc., as well as formation of an Advisory Board to guide the Company. The Company was created as a spinoff of Therapeutic Solutions International with the goal of commercializing StemVacs-V in the field of breast cancer.

StemVacs-V is an “off the shelf” cancer immunotherapy that trains the immune system to selectively kill the blood vessels that feed cancer. In contrast to the first generation of a cancer anti-angiogenesis immunotherapy which relied on placental cells, and had received FDA clearance for clinical trials, StemVacs-V utilizes an established pluripotent stem cell as a stable and reproducible source of the immunogen.

“It is my pleasure to have nominated Famela Ramos to the position of Chief Executive Officer. Ms. Ramos has been working at Therapeutic Solutions International in the position of Vice President of Business Development for two years and has been instrumental in several licensing deals and collaborations,” said Timothy Dixon, President, and CEO of Therapeutic Solutions International. “Famela’s passion for treating cancer comes in part from her years of experience as a hospice nurse, as well as having been involved in clinical research in several cell therapy clinical trials.”

Famela has published 7 peer reviewed papers with top notch universities including University of California San Diego, University of Utah, and Indiana University and is inventor/co-inventor on multiple patent applications. She currently sits on the board of two foundations and previously ran for the US Congress. Ms. Ramos is currently the President of the Right to Try Foundation which has collaborated with the Company in providing access to cutting edge medicines to end stage patients.

“I have been following Famela’s work for several years now and was honored to join the Company due to the progressive and innovative nature of their approach to breast cancer,” said Davis Gammage, Advisory Board Member of Res Nova Bio. “Famela has an unparalleled combination of leadership, scientific knowledge, and a burning desire to make a difference in breast cancer. I look forward to our work together in this very important area.”

“Breast cancer is the second leading cause of death in woman. In many cases, the traditional and current interventions used to treat these tumors are ineffective and toxic. Women deserve better than the usual stale approaches that target singular aspects of this devastating disease process and I believe this company’s innovative science can result in better outcomes,” stated Famela Ramos.

“As a woman who has had a breast cancer scare and who has taken care of patients who have succumbed to this illness, it gives me great joy to serve this company and the women who can potentially be saved with our technology. I am humbled that Mr. Dixon and his team chose me to lead this exciting venture. I can’t name any other corporate leader who possesses such an excellent balance of scientific, medical, and financial knowledge as Mr. Dixon. I look forward to hyper-accelerating the Company’s growth. Through leveraging collaborations and licenses, we want to enhance shareholder value and provide our new discoveries to patients who need them as rapidly as possible,” added Ms. Ramos.

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