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Biotechnology Veteran Dr. Thomas Ichim to Lead Suicide Prediction Company Campbell Neurosciences, Inc.

Company Using the Immune System as a “Stethoscope for the Brain” to Identify Individuals with Propensity for Suicide Aims to Revolutionize Practice of Psychiatry

March 27, 2023 09:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time
ELK CITY, Idaho–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Therapeutic Solutions International (TSOI) Spin Off Company Campbell Neurosciences announced today the appointment of Thomas Ichim, Ph.D., as President, and Chief Executive Officer of Campbell Neurosciences. Dr. Ichim replaces Kalina O’Connor, the Founder of Campbell Neurosciences who will take the role of Chief Visionary Officer.

Dr. Ichim was previously Chief Executive Officer of Medistem Inc, which had a share price of 7 cents when he joined, and he sold it for $1.35 to the NYSE traded company Intrexon. After the acquisition, he served as Vice President of Cellular Therapy for the parent company. Prior to Medistem, Dr. Ichim co-founded the International Contract Research Organization Biorasi, Immune Advisors, Regen BioPharma, and the Coma Research Institute. Dr. Ichim has been on the board of Therapeutic Solutions International since 2016 and has served on numerous profit and nonprofit boards. Dr. Ichim is the inventor of over 300 published or issued patent applications and author of over 120 peer reviewed papers.

“Together with Thomas Ichim and Timothy Dixon, we started Campbell Neurosciences to scientifically validate that in some cases suicide needs to be treated like a disease with biological underpinnings,” said Kalina O’Connor. “I feel like we have substantially advanced this notion and through clinical trials and have shown that indeed this is the case. Dr. Ichim has been a steady force in the creation, and expansion of Campbell Neurosciences, performing fundamental tasks ranging from patenting, device manufacturing, clinical trials, and capitalization of the Company. Given his dedication and experience, I am honored to pass the torch to this biotechnology leader.”

Campbell Neurosciences is named after Kathleen Campbell, the mother of Kalina O’Connor, who was a victim of suicide.

“The leadership displayed by Ms. O’Connor has been unparalleled from the very beginning. Her ability to recruit Dr. Ichim to position of CEO speaks volumes about her selfless dedication to advancement of the company we founded together,” said Timothy Dixon, President, and Chief Executive Officer of Therapeutic Solutions International.

“It is with great respect and honor that I accept this position of leadership,” stated Dr. Ichim. “Given that every 5 minutes a suicide occurs, we are literally in a race with time to save lives being senselessly taken from us.”

About Therapeutic Solutions International, Inc.

Therapeutic Solutions International is focused on immune modulation for the treatment of several specific diseases. The Company’s corporate website is

About Campbell Neurosciences, Inc.

Campbell Neurosciences is committed to establishing a biological basis for diagnosis and treatment of suicide and its causes, including Schizophrenia and other mental health disorders, thereby eliminating the stigma of the disease. The Company’s corporate website is