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Therapeutic Solutions International Identifies CD103 Expressing Dendritic Cells and Exosomes Thereof as Novel Mechanism for JadiCell Mesenchymal Stem Cell Mediated Lung Protection

Clinical Stage Stem Cell Company Leverages Knowledge Gained from Cancer Dendritic Cell Therapy StemVacs to Open New Door for COPD and ARDS Research

ELK CITY, Idaho–()–Therapeutic Solutions International (TSOI) announced today new data suggesting that therapeutic effects of its universal donor stem cell product are mediated in part through CD103 expressing dendritic cells.

In a series of experiments, it was found that protection against both Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) could be transferred to naïve mice by dendritic cells expressing the molecule CD103. Furthermore, exosomes, which are nanoparticles produced by cells, were capable of transferring protection to naïve mice.

“I am pleased to have worked with a team of opinion leaders that are at the cutting edge to have discovered this quite unexpected finding,” said Dr. James Veltmeyer, Chief Medical Officer of the Company. “While the field of exosome therapeutics is growing exponentially, the use of dendritic cell exosomes for respiratory conditions is completely unheard of.”

Therapeutic Solutions International is currently running a Phase III clinical trial using JadiCells in the treatment of COVID-19 associated ARDS. Additionally, the Company has an Investigational New Drug Application IND# 28508 for treatment of COPD, for which the Company is still in discussions with the FDA.

“Dr. Veltmeyer has performed unparalleled work in advancing both clinical translation of the JadiCell, as well as leveraging scientific lessons learned from our cancer program to identify a new mechanism by which our cells exert this previously unknown therapeutic efficacy,” said Timothy Dixon, President, and CEO of the Company. “Having filed our patent today on this new finding, we anticipate potential development of adjuvant products around dendritic cell generated exosomes.”

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