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Therapeutic Solutions International Spin-off Campbell Neurosciences Announces Umbilical Cord Derived Monocyte Immunotherapy Candidate for Suicide Prevention

“First in Class” Therapy Reduces Suicide Associated Biological Pathways in Preclinical Studies

Source: Therapeutic Solutions International, Inc.

ELK CITY, Idaho, March 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Therapeutic Solutions International, Inc., (OTC Markets: TSOI), announced today preclinical results and filing of a patent covering the use of manipulated cord blood derived monocytes for prevention of suicidal ideations as well as inflammation of the brain.  Company scientists found that administration of non-stem cell components of cord blood to mice exposed to brain inflammation resulted in protection of neurological function as well as suppression of immunological proteins associated in humans with suicidal thoughts.

Paradoxically, it was found that the monocyte component of cord blood was associated with therapeutic activity.  Monocytes are typically inflammation inducing cells. Through a trial and error process, the Company found oxytocin pretreatment under proprietary conditions resulted in protection of neurological function (Morris Water Maze) and reduction of inflammation in preclinical studies.

“The fact that the fetus is not immunologically rejected by the mother, despite being genetically incompatible is still largely unexplained,” said Dr. James Veltmeyer, Chief Medical Officer of the Company.  “We believe that these monocytes possess unique properties that stop the mother’s immune system from rejecting the offspring.  The data suggests that these same properties may be harnessed to stop inflammation of the brain, which predisposes to suicide.”

“While great advances have been made in development of small molecule drugs, there is a growing appreciation for new cell therapies.  A recent example is the >$150 million capital raise for a preclinical stage cellular immunotherapy company,1” stated Famela Ramos, Vice President of Business Development of Therapeutic Solutions International. “Given easy access to cord blood and economical cost of production, we are eager to continue our preclinical work and advance to FDA IND filing.”

“Campbell Neurosciences recently announced positive results of our Campbell Score™ blood based suicidal propensity clinical trial,” said Kalina O’Connor, President and Chief Executive Officer of Campbell Neurosciences. “Given that the inflammatory proteins that were reduced in preclinical studies are similar to those assessed by the Campbell Score™ in patients, we are optimistic about clinical translation of this novel approach to preventing suicide.”

“The current data and patent filing exemplifies the synergistic relationship between us and our spin-off,” said Timothy Dixon, President and CEO of Therapeutic Solutions International. “The discovery was facilitated by experimentation during production of StemVacs, our umbilical cord derived cancer vaccine.  It was observed that monocytes, which are also used to produce immune stimulatory dendritic cells, can acquire radically different properties based on growth conditions which we control in a proprietary manner.  We plan to collaborate closely for clinical translation of this unique approach to a psychiatric condition.”

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1 Century Therapeutics Completes $160 Million Series C Financing to Accelerate Development of iPSC-derived Cell Therapy Pipeline (