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Therapeutic Solutions International Subsidiary Campbell Neurosciences Identifies T Regulatory Cells as a Mechanism of Stem Cell Suppression of Schizophrenia Pathology in an Animal Model

Company Addresses Scientific Studies as it Prepares for FDA Filing to Treat Major Cause of Suicide with Adult Stem Cells

Source: Therapeutic Solutions International, Inc.


ELK CITY, Idaho, June 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Therapeutic Solutions International, Inc., (OTC Markets: TSOI), reported today a series of experiments, covered by its >1000 claim patent application filed in September 2020, which demonstrate stem cell activity against schizophrenia is associated with T regulatory cell induction.

The experiments demonstrated that mice, which responded to stem cell therapy possessed increased levels of anti-inflammatory cytokines interleukin-4 and interleukin-10, as well as augmented levels of cells expressing FoxP3, a marker characteristic of T regulatory cells. Depletion of T regulatory cells was capable of reducing some of the symptoms of schizophrenia in mice.

“Schizophrenia is one of the biggest predisposing factors to suicide, we at Campbell Neurosciences vow to work diligently and effectively to make schizophrenia a thing of the past,” said Kalina O’Connor, President and CEO of Campbell Neuroscience. “I am thankful to our scientific team and collaborators who are working at breakneck speed to obtain as much data as possible so that we may file an investigational new drug (IND) application with the FDA to initiate clinical trials.”

“This data strongly supports immunological involvement in schizophrenia, a condition that despite affecting approximately 1% of the population, is still treated in a very empirical manner with little understanding of the molecular mechanisms of the disease, or the currently used treatments,” said Dr. James Veltmeyer, Chief Medical Officer of the Company.  “We are hoping to use the immunomodulatory properties of adult stem cells to alter several neurological abnormalities that we and others have identified in schizophrenia. To our knowledge, we are the only group utilizing immunology and stem cells to approach this horrific condition.”

“This is exciting data and a prime example of the great synergy between our spin-off, Campbell Neurosciences and Therapeutic Solutions,” said Timothy Dixon, President and CEO of Therapeutic Solutions International and co-inventor. “By cross-pollinating our work in immunology and neurology, we are making new discoveries at an incredibly rapid pace and we plan on translating these into patents, IND’s, and eventually new medicines to treat patients with terrible condition like schizophrenia and cancer.” 

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