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Therapeutic Solutions International Files Patent on “Facilitating Effects” of JadiCells on Gene Therapy Mediated Cell Differentiation

Clinical Stage Company Discloses Unanticipated Synergy Between Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapy and Genes

ELK CITY, Idaho–()–Therapeutic Solutions International, Inc. (TSOI), announced today data demonstrating that JadiCell administration is capable of increasing gene therapy mediated production of therapeutic cells in vivo.

In a series of experiments the Company showed that animals made deficient in a hormone producing cells can be treated with great efficacy by combining differentiation promoting gene therapy with JadiCell administration. The observation was made in several models of gene therapy induced cellular differentiation/transdifferentiation and was reproducible with other cells of the mesenchymal stem cell family, although the JadiCell proved the most efficacious.

“We are living in a historic time in which gene therapy has been successfully used to change cells within the body of a patient. For example, insertion of one type of gene can generate blood vessel cells1, another gene can generate cardiac cells2, yet others can generate muscle cells3,” said Dr. Thomas Ichim, Board Member, and co-inventor of the technology. “Unfortunately, the biggest hurdle to clinical translation of such approaches is low efficacy. We are confident that the finds disclosed today will help accelerate the widespread clinical implementation of gene therapy mediated creation of therapeutic cells in the body.”

“Therapeutic Solutions International is an ‘Innovation Factory’ that leverages its core expertise in regenerative medicine and immunology to hyper accelerate advancement of new therapeutic approaches from the lab to the patient,” said Timothy Dixon, President, and CEO of the Company and co-inventor. “We are currently seeking collaborators/licensees to implement this new technology of regenerative gene therapy.”

About Therapeutic Solutions International, Inc.

Therapeutic Solutions International is focused on immune modulation for the treatment of several specific diseases. The Company’s corporate website is

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