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Therapeutic Solutions International Collaborates on Peer-Reviewed Publication on Personalized Immunotherapy for Brain Cancer Using mRNA

Clinical Stage Cell Therapy Contributes to Personalized Immunotherapy Revolution

November 20, 2023 09:00 AM Eastern Standard Time
ELK CITY, Idaho–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Therapeutic Solutions International, Inc. (TSOI), announced today the publication of a peer-reviewed paper entitled “Advancing personalized medicine in brain cancer: exploring the role of mRNA vaccines” which appeared in the November 2023 issue of the Journal of Translational Medicine1. The article was co-authored by Therapeutic Solutions International Board Member Dr. Thomas Ichim, Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Feng Lin, and Scientific Advisory Board Members Drs Santosh Kesari and Francesco Marincola.

In the publication, advances in stimulation of cancer-specific and patient-specific immunity to brain cancer are discussed, as well as methods of augmenting existing immunity. The paper provides several explanations regarding the advantages of mRNA immunization, as well as discusses the means of integrating immunotherapy with other currently used approaches to brain cancer.

“Therapeutic Solutions International has a long history of success in cancer immunotherapy going back to 2016 when the Company patented the use of pterostilbene combinations for enhancing the ability of the immune system to kill cancer2,” said Dr. Thomas Ichim. “We are honored to continue our work in this field with Key Opinion Leaders such as our esteemed coauthors.”

Currently, the Company is developing its clinical-stage immune-oncology assets through the spin-off Res Nova Biologics, which has treated cancer patients under the Right to Try law with both its ValloVax3 and FloraStilbene4 products.

“Our Company is guided by science. In order to remain at the cutting edge, it is fundamental to collaborate with other companies and institutions in understanding the state of the art and knowing which areas need advancing,” said Timothy Dixon, President, and CEO. “I am grateful for the team that put together this excellent publication and look forward to numerous publications as our products continue advancing towards commercialization.”

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