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Therapeutic Solutions International Spin-Off Campbell Neurosciences Announces Positive Preclinical Safety and Efficacy Data Using CampbellCell™ for Treatment of Schizophrenia

Suicide Prevention Company Leverages Cell Therapy Expertise of Therapeutic Solutions International and Allogen Biologics to Advance First Cell Therapy Product Towards Clinical Trials

In September 2020, Therapeutic Solutions International filed a landmark patent application with over 1000 claims covering novel stem cell-based approaches to treating schizophrenia1. In June 2021, Campbell Neurosciences, together with Therapeutic Solutions International reported deficiencies in T regulatory cells in schizophrenia2, which could be repaired by administration of tolerogenic dendritic cells3. The CampbellCell, which is described in the patent application is specially generated to induce generation of tolerogenic dendritic cells in vitro and in vivo.

“We are extremely excited about our ongoing work with Therapeutic Solutions International, and their esteemed collaborators and advisors, which has resulted in the first stem cell therapy candidate for certain subsets of schizophrenia,” said Kalina O’Connor, President and CEO of Campbell Neurosciences. “The current lack of progress in mental illness in general, and specifically in schizophrenia, is demonstrated by the continued utilization of highly invasive methods such as electroconvulsive therapy. Through our work, we aim to develop new treatments that attack this program at its core and not simply cover up symptoms.”

“Allogen Biologics, as a subsidiary of Therapeutic Solutions International is pleased to have worked on developing, optimizing and standardizing production of the CampbellCell™ product,” said Dr. Thomas Ichim, President and CEO of Allogen and Board Member of Therapeutic Solutions International. “We are optimistic that this is the first of numerous cell products that we will be developing in the interest of combining neurosciences and regenerative medicine.”

“We at Therapeutic Solutions International are excited to see the progress made by Campbell Neurosciences,” said Timothy Dixon, President and CEO of the Company and co-inventor of the CampbellCell. “Milestones achieved by Ms. O’Connor and her team at Campbell included recruiting international opinion leaders such as Dr. Peter Farrell Chairman of the 35 billion market cap company Resmed4, establishing the first blood-based marker of suicidal tendencies5, and now progressing with preclinical development for the first cell-based therapy for schizophrenia. We are proud of the contributions that Campbell Neurosciences has made to the field of mental illness and look forward to continuing progress in this important field.”


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