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Therapeutic Solutions International Reports Amplification of Cancer Specific Immune Responses Using Second Generation Tumor Endothelial Targeting Vaccine StemVacs-V iPSC

Company Demonstrates Existing Platform Can Synergize with Multiple Antigen Specific Tumor Immunotherapies

Source: Therapeutic Solutions International, Inc.


ELK CITY, Idaho, June 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Therapeutic Solutions International, Inc., (OTC Markets: TSOI), reported today potent synergy between its tumor blood vessel targeting StemVacs-V iPSC immunotherapy and several classical tumor specific therapeutic vaccines. 

In a series of experiments tumor growth administration of dead tumor cells together with StemVacs-V resulted in potent immunological memory to the tumor cells, which could be transferred to immunologically naïve mice.  Additionally, the experiments demonstrated killing tumor cells using conventional approaches such as chemotherapy, when performed together with StemVacs-V iPSC, led to the development of immunological memory towards the specific cancer.

“By targeting the blood vessels that feed the cancer, StemVacs-V iPSC causes enhanced necrotic cell death, which stimulates systemic immunity against the cancer throughout the whole body,” said Dr. James Veltmeyer, Chief Medical Officer of the Company. “We are extremely enthusiastic by the current data showing that our blood vessel targeting approach can be used to synergize with both cancer immunotherapies and non-immune therapies of cancer such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy.”

Despite cancer immunotherapy being an over 100 billion dollar a year market in 2020, most cancers still do not respond to this approach.  These are called “cold tumors.”  It is believed that by starving the cancer of its blood supply, StemVacs-V iPSC may convert cold tumors to immunotherapy sensitive “hot tumors.”

“The potential implications of the current data, which is covered by our previously filed patents, include synergies with oncolytic viruses, checkpoint inhibitors, fractionated radiation therapy, antibodies, and chemotherapies,” said Famela Ramos, Vice President of Business Development for Therapeutic Solutions International. “We are currently exploring numerous co-development partnerships.”

“This new finding is extremely exciting because it opens the door to synergies with other immunotherapies such as CAR-T therapies, which although successful in liquid tumors, to date have not yielded promising results in solid and/or cold tumors,” said Timothy Dixon, President and CEO of the Company. “Having SAB members such as Santosh Kesari and Francesco Marincola, who are at the forefront of cancer immunotherapy, significantly positions us to accelerate the development of our new approach which targets the “Achille’s Heel of cancer.”

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