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Therapeutic Solutions International Discusses Claims of Possible COVID-19 Suppressive Activity of QuadraMune™ Ingredients by Independent Universities Made After Patent Filing

Company with Stem Cell in FDA Cleared Phase III COVID-19 Clinical Trial Comments on Scientific Support for Nutraceutical Already on the Market

Source: Therapeutic Solutions International, Inc.


ELK CITY, Idaho, Sept. 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Therapeutic Solutions International, Inc., (OTC Markets: TSOI).

On May 5th, 2020, Therapeutic Solutions International publicly announced their production and patent filing’s for QuadraMune™, a nutraceutical developed with the aim of naturally modulating susceptibility, immunity, and inflammation in the context of COVID-191

On November 24th, 2020, TSOI announced results of a clinical trial demonstrating in healthy volunteers that QuadraMune™ increases natural killer cell activity2.  Natural killer cells are believed to be part of the body’s “innate” immune response to viral infections such as SARS-CoV-2, the causative agent of COVID-19.

On December 1st, 2020, TSOI reported the results of another clinical trial in which QuadraMune™ was shown to increase interleukin 2, a protein associated with T cell responses3. T cells are considered the “adaptive” arm of the immune system and are needed for creation of immunological memory to prevent re-infections.  

Following TSOI’s initial research, there have been multiple studies published in peer-reviewed journals by independent academic institutions supporting the individual ingredients in QuadraMune™, which are listed below by ingredients. 

To our knowledge, QuadraMune™ is the only nutraceutical on the market with this level of independent scientific support for its potential use in COVID-19.

QuadraMune™ Ingredient #1: Pterostilbene:

–           November 11th, 2020. Researchers at the University of Ha’il, Saudi Arabia, used computer modeling to screen 200,000 natural compounds for the ability to block interaction between SARS-CoV2 Spike Protein and ACE2 receptor.  They found pterostilbene to be the top 2 blocker of this interaction, which is critical for the virus to infect cells4.

–           July 10th, 2021. Researchers at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands reported “resveratrol and its metabolically more stable structural analog, pterostilbene, exhibit potent antiviral properties against SARS-CoV-2 in vitro5.”

QuadraMune Ingredient #2: Thymoquinone:

–           July 12th, 2020. Researchers at University of Casablanca, Morocco reported thymoquinone may have inhibitory activities against SARS CoV2 protease.  Activity of the protease is needed for the virus to replicate6.

–           November 3rd, 2020. Scientists at University of Dalian, China, demonstrated thymoquinone prevents kidney damage in a mouse model of systemic inflammation resembling COVID-197.

–           March 3rd, 2021.  A paper from the Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences in South Korea entitled “Revisiting pharmacological potentials of Nigella sativa seed: A promising option for COVID-19 prevention and cure” described why thymoquinone, the active ingredient in Nigella Sativa seeds possesses numerous therapeutic properties making it an ideal adjuvant or monotherapy for COVID-198.

–           September 6th, 2021. A randomized clinical trial with 173 COVID-19 patients revealed that 62% of patients who received nigella sativa oil (source of thymoquinone) recovered, whereas only 36% recovered who received placebo9.  The study was a collaboration between multiple hospitals in Saudi Arabia.

QuadraMune Ingredient #3: Epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG)

–           Sept 3rd, 2020. Researchers from Yonsei University in South Korea demonstrated EGCG inhibits SARS-CoV-2 proliferation.  They demonstrated mechanistically that this process worked through suppression of 3CL-proteins, which the virus uses to generate its protein components after it has infected cells10.  These findings were replicated by two independent groups11,12.

–           April 13th, 2021. A study led by a group of scientists from the Paul-Ehrlich-Institute at the Department of Virology in Germany showed that EGCG suppressed SARS-CoV-2 virus in vitro13.  This was replicated by independent groups14,15.

–           August 10th, 2021. Researchers at the Russian Academy of Sciences reported EGCG suppresses original and SARS-CoV-2 variant (mutant) virus replication16.  This data was independently verified17.

QuadraMune Ingredient #4: Sulforaphane

–           March 25th, 2021.  Scientists from John Hopkins published that sulforaphane reduces proliferation of SARS-CoV-2 in the laboratory, as well as in mice18.

–           July 8th, 2021.  Researchers at University of Ferrara, Italy published that sulforaphane decreases toxic cytokines produced by lung cells in response to parts of the SARS-CoV-1 virus19.

Timothy Dixon, President and CEO of Therapeutic Solutions International, stated, “the fact that there was no mention of COVID-19 altering activity of any of the QuadraMune™ ingredients prior to our patent filing, and that now these ingredients are being actively investigated as possible therapies speaks volumes about the wisdom of our scientific team and our advisors who have worked tirelessly at developing QuadraMune™, as well as advancing its science. With the rise of the new variants, as well as realization of the problem of “long hauler” pathologies, we believe that there is an increasing need for natural approaches towards this pandemic.”

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