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Therapeutic Solutions International Granted Second United States Patent on QuadraMune® for Prevention, Inhibition, and Treatment of COVID-19
Commercially Available Nutraceutical with Established Immunomodulatory Activities is Protected by Issuance of Composition of Matter and Mechanism of Action Claims

March 10, 2022 09:35 AM Eastern Standard Time

OCEANSIDE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Therapeutic Solutions International announced today issuance of United States Patent #11,266,707 entitled “Nutraceuticals for the prevention, inhibition, and treatment of SARS-CoV-2 and associated COVID-19.”

 This patent covers composition of matter and uses of QuadraMune® to prevent and treat COVID-19. Previously, the Company was granted US Patent #11,229,674 entitled “Nutraceuticals for suppressing indolamine 2,3 deoxygenase” which covers mechanisms of action.

In addition to the issued patents, the Company’s patent applications “Neuroprotection and Neuroregeneration by Pterostilbene and Compositions Thereof” and “Prevention of Neuroinflammation associated Memory Loss Using Nutraceutical Compositions,” covering means of repairing injured brain tissue and preserving memory in the face of inflammation, respectively, have recently published.

“The validation of QuadraMune’s science by the granting of two United States Patents speaks volumes to the potential and science behind our commercially available nutraceutical product,” said Dr. Thomas Ichim, Board Member of the Company and Co-Inventor. “To my knowledge this is the first natural immune modulator which works through inhibition of the indolamine 2,3 deoxygenase pathway that has received patent protection.”

QuadraMune® is composed of a proprietary formulation of natural ingredients and has been shown to stimulate various aspects of immunity by suppressing pathological inflammation.

“We are thankful to our scientific collaborators and advisors who have played a critical role in generating the data needed to support the patent filing and eventual issuance,” said Timothy Dixon, President and CEO of the Company and also Co-Inventor. “We believe we are the only company to concurrently be attacking COVID-19 through parallel approaches of nutraceuticals and stem cell therapy.”

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