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Therapeutic Solutions International Discovers and Files Patent on Novel Cellular Therapy Combination for Augmentation of Lung Repair in COVID-19 Model

Exogenous T Regulatory Cells Demonstrated to Augment Activity of JadiCell Universal Donor Stem Cells Cleared for FDA Phase III Trials in COVID-19

Source: Therapeutic Solutions International, Inc.

ELK CITY, Idaho, Sept. 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Therapeutic Solutions International, Inc., (OTC Markets: TSOI), announced today novel data and filing of a patent demonstrating synergistic suppression of lung injury and acceleration of lung regeneration by combining T regulatory cells and JadiCells.

In a series of experiments synergistic suppression of lung damage was observed in the endotoxin and Poly (IC) models when umbilical cord blood T regulatory cells were co-administered with JadiCells.  Furthermore, blockade of GITR, a member of the TNF receptor superfamily, resulted in suppression of synergy, suggesting a molecular mechanism of this interaction.

“I believe science does not stop and cannot be stopped.  Therefore, as a Company, we are always seeking new ways of enhancing efficacy of our therapies, as well as elucidating molecular mechanisms causing our therapies to work,” said Dr. James Veltmeyer, Chief Medical Officer of the Company. “The current discovery provides for novel means of suppressing lung damage, as well as preventing long term-scarring which is a major issue in certain COVID-19 patients.”

Lung damage after COVID-19 is believed to be caused by deposition of scar tissue in the functional areas of the lung, which has been quantified to cause dysfunctional breathing for as long as 9 months after infection1.   JadiCells, as well as QuadraMune®, a commercially available nutraceutical developed by the Company have been shown to reduce lung scarring in other experiments.

“As the COVID-19 pandemic continues its merciless progression, it is becoming more and more important to create second and third generation approaches,” said Famela Ramos, Vice President of Business Development. “Today’s findings open the door not only towards new approaches but also towards alternative means of manipulating JadiCells using the newly discovered importance of the GITR pathway.”

“We are currently continuing experiments to try to identify other molecular switches which can be used to not only enhance JadiCell activity but also activity of numerous other types of stem cells,” said Timothy Dixon, President and CEO of the Company and co-inventor of patent. “As we are preparing to initiate the recently cleared FDA Phase III trial on COVID-19 patients, we wish to know as many details as possible about our cells in order to capture as much value as possible from the planned clinical trial.”

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1 Study confirms longer-term lung damage after COVID-19 (