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Therapeutic Solutions International Reports Positive Preclinical Data on JadiCell™ Universal Donor
Stem Cell Therapy for Brain Injury

FDA Cleared Stem Cell is Being Utilized by TSOI as Therapeutic Candidate to Repair Damaged Brains

Source: Therapeutic Solutions International, Inc.


OCEANSIDE, California, September 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Therapeutics Solution International, Inc., (OTC Markets: TSOI), reported today positive preclinical data demonstrating superior neuro-regenerative activity to other cell therapies such as mesenchymal stem cells. Using animal models, Company collaborators demonstrated stimulation of stem cell proliferation that reside in parts of the brain called the “dentate gyrus”.

Additionally, the Company reported protection of neurons from inflammation associated cell death as well as reduction of inflammatory proteins produced by brain cells called “microglia”.

“These data, combined with the fact that the JadiCell has already been cleared by the FDA for clinical trials in other indications, strongly support the development of the JadiCell as a therapeutic candidate for treatment of brain injuries, including chronic traumatic encephalopathy” said Dr. James Veltmeyer, Chief Medical Officer of the Company and San Diego Top Doctor. “We are working with our team and consultants to assemble the Investigational New Drug (IND) Application with the FDA to begin clinical trials on this terrible condition.”

“Brain injury in the form of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy is a major scourge on the bravest elements of our society: the veterans. It is estimated that approximately 1 suicide per hour occurs because of PTSD” said Famela Ramos, Former Congressional Candidate and Director of Business Development for Therapeutic Solutions International. “The fact that we are able to offer hope for this terrible condition has our whole team energized.”
“To our knowledge, we are the first Company to integrate a cell therapy approach towards combatting suicide,” said Kalina O’Connor Director of the Campbell Neurosciences Division of TSOI.

“Through tireless work of our Scientific Advisory Board and our collaborators, we are pleased to be moving towards filing with the FDA to begin a clinical trial which is the first of its kind. Currently there are no potentially curative approaches for Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy” said Timothy Dixon, President and CEO of the Company.

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