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Therapeutic Solutions International Launches Campbell Neurosciences Division aimed at Biologically Identifying and Repairing Suicide-Prone Brains

Company Leverages Existing Immunology and Regenerative Medicine Intellectual Property to Attack Second Leading Cause of Death in Young People


OCEANSIDE, Calif., Aug. 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Therapeutics Solution International, Inc., (OTC Markets: TSOI), announced today formation of Campbell Neurosciences, a new division of the Company dedicated to approaching suicide as a biological disorder and developing science-based diagnostic tools and interventions.

The Division will be headed by Kalina O’Connor, and is named after her mother, Kathleen Campbell, who was a victim of suicide.  Ms. O’Connor has previously worked in the area of drug and alcohol rehabilitation, as well as assisting the Company in its basic research and development. 

Howard Leonhardt, a serial inventor and entrepreneur, whose inventions have treated over 500,000 patients in 60 countries will serve as Advisor to the Division.  Additionally, Dr. Erin Ferma, a forensic psychologist with over 15 years clinical experience will provide input on clinical trial design and practical implementation of the technologies under development.  Former Congressional Candidate and Director of Business Development, Famela Ramos, will oversee operations.

“I am honored to be working with Timothy Dixon, a modern-day renaissance man, and the team at Therapeutic Solutions International.  This organization has developed products and conducted successful preclinical and clinical trials on approaches which can modulate biological pathways linked to suicide” said Ms. O’Connor. “By leveraging existing findings and developing new intellectual property, we believe we are in the position to offer for the first time a suicide risk score which is based on science and not psychological self-assessment. Combined with identifying risk, we seek to develop various therapeutic approaches.”

Previous studies have shown correlations between inflammatory cytokines in the blood and suicide.  The causative effects of these molecules on suicidal ideation is seen in cancer patients who take similar molecules for hyperstimulation of immunity, which also results in suicidal ideation.  Products developed by Therapeutic Solutions International such as NeuroStilbene™, NanoStilbene™ and QuadraMune™ have been shown to reduce inflammatory markers.

“It is extremely exciting to be at the ground floor of a paradigm shift” said Howard Leonhardt. “I look forward to assisting the Company in accelerating solutions for this terrible condition.  Additionally, we will explore synergistic interaction with various companies form the Leonhardt Ventures portfolio.”

“Suicide has historically been treated as a stigma.  With increasing advancement of science, we realize it is a biological abnormality and should be addressed the same way we address other conditions” said Timothy Dixon, President and CEO of the Company. “Psychiatry is the only discipline of medicine that does not base its drug prescriptions by detailed evaluation of the organ they are treating.  It is interesting that only in psychiatry that treatments are given without actually assessing physical changes that the intervention is accomplishing.  Technologies we are developing will provide a biological basis for the practice of psychiatry as it relates to suicide prevention.”

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