Recent Press Releases

TSOI Reports Synergistic Enhancement of Ozone Therapy Efficacy in Prostate, Breast and Ovarian Cancer Cells by Pterostilbene

Therapeutic Solutions International Develops Microemulsion Formulation of Alpha Lipoic Acid for Intranasal Delivery

Therapeutic Solutions International Recruits Internationally Recognized Cancer Immunotherapy Pioneer Dr. Francesco Marincola to Accelerate StemVacs and NanoStilbene Clinical Development

Therapeutic Solutions International, Inc., Releases Intranasal Formulation of Pterostilbene for Rapid Access to Blood-Brain Barrier

Therapeutic Solutions International, Inc., Appoints Juergen Winkler, MD, ABIHM to Scientific Advisory Board

Therapeutic Solutions International Announces Clinical Proof of Concept of Nanoparticle Pterostilbene Formulation: NanoStilbene™

Therapeutic Solutions International Releases “IsoStilbene” Injectable Formulation of Pterostilbene Under Granted Patent for Augmentation of Immunotherapy and Targeting of Cancer Stem Cells

Therapeutic Solutions International Announces the Appointment of James Veltmeyer, MD as Chief Medical Officer

Therapeutic Solutions International Expands Adoptive Immunotherapy Portfolio by Incorporation of “Universal Cancer Antigen” into StemVacs Dendritic Cell Platform

Therapeutic Solutions International Announces Licensing of Additional Technologies to Pan American Cancer Treatment Center

Therapeutic Solutions International to Provide Patients Access to StemVacs Cancer Immunotherapy through Newly Passed Right to Try Law

Therapeutic Solutions International Releases “DermalStilbene” a Topical Formulation of Pterostilbene

Therapeutic Solutions International, Inc., to Initiate Clinical Trial of Patented Cancer Immunotherapy Adjuvant NanoStilbene

Therapeutic Solutions International, Inc., Announces the Appointment of Nassir Azimi, MD, to Science Board

Therapeutic Solutions International Launches Multi-Protocol Cancer Immunotherapy Clinical Trial with Pan Am Cancer Treatment Centers

Therapeutic Solutions International Develops “NanoStilbene” Nanoparticle Formulation of Pterostilbene

Therapeutic Solutions International, Inc. Recruits Top Doctor of San Diego to Scientific Advisory Board

Therapeutic Solutions International, Inc. strengthens the TSOI Scientific Advisory Board with the Appointment of Pablo A. Guzman, MD

Therapeutic Solutions International, Inc. files new patent for the Synergistic Inhibition of Glioma Using Pterostilbene

Therapeutic Solutions International Returns to Fully Reporting Status with SEC


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